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Simplify Donation Collection and Management

We provide tailored solutions to simplify donation collection and management for your organization. Whether you're a charity, foundation, or any other nonprofit entity, Abipaay offers the tools you need to streamline your fundraising efforts and drive impact.

Services Accept Donations, Real-Time Donation Tracking, Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
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Simplify Donation Collection

Abipaay simplifies the process of collecting donations for your nonprofit organization. Our platform offers multiple payment options, allowing donors to contribute effortlessly. Whether it's one-time donations, or fundraising campaigns.

Real-Time Donation Tracking

Transparency is essential in the nonprofit sector. Abipaay's real-time donation tracking allows you to monitor and track donations as they come in. Stay informed about the progress of your fundraising campaigns, easily identify top contributors, and track donation trends.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Abipaay's reporting and analytics features provide valuable insights into your nonprofit organization's fundraising performance. Track donation trends, measure campaign effectiveness, and assess the impact of your initiatives.

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