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Abipaay takes supporting content creators to new heights, making it enjoyable and effortless. With just a few clicks, fans can show their support without creating an account. Musicians, comedians, influencers, YouTubers, and creators from various fields can all benefit.

Services Accept Tips and Donations, Sponsored Content, virtual meet-and-greets
Accept Tips and Donations Online

Accept Tips and Donations

Abipaay makes it easy for your audience to show their appreciation by accepting tips and donations. Whether you share your content through your website, social media, or other platforms, Abipaay enables your supporters to contribute and support your work directly.

Fan Experiences

Connect with your audience on a deeper level by offering unique fan experiences. Use payment links to provide personalized shout-outs, video messages, or virtual meet-and-greets for a certain fee, allowing your fans to engage with you in exciting and memorable ways.

Crowd Funding

Fund your creative projects or ventures by utilizing payment links for donations or contributions from your audience. Abipaay simplifies the crowdfunding process, enabling you to receive financial support to bring your ideas to life.

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QR Code T-shirts

Unique QR Code T-shirts

With your personalized QR code on display, fans can instantly scan and send tips and donations, right from their phones through M-pesa.

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1️⃣ Order a QR-Code T-shirt. Order Here

2️⃣ Get your unique payment Link (Share on Social Media), T-shirt Delivered within 3 Days

3️⃣ Wear your personalized QR code t-shirt and let the support roll in 💸

Withdraw to M-pesa

- Minimum withdrawal: KSh 1,000

- Withdrawal fee: 6% of the withdrawn amount

- Processing time: Within 12 hours

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