Simplified Contributions

Financial contributions for Chamas and Saccos.

We offer tailored solutions to simplify financial contributions and foster transparency within your digital chama. Whether you're managing a savings group, investment club, or any other type of digital chama, our platform provides the tools you need to streamline your financial processes and enhance collaboration among members.

Services Receive Contributions, Record Keeping, Insightful Financial Analytics
Receive Financial Contributions

Receive Contributions

Our platform offers seamless and secure payment options, allowing members to make their contributions effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual cash handling and complicated reconciliation processes. With Abipaay, contributing funds becomes quick, convenient, and hassle-free.

Automated Record-Keeping

Abipaay automates the record-keeping process for your digital chama. All transactions are recorded digitally, providing comprehensive and accurate financial records. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork and minimizes the chances of errors or discrepancies.

Insightful Financial Analytics

Abipaay's powerful analytics dashboard offers valuable insights into your digital chama's financial performance. Track contributions, identify trends, and gain a deeper understanding of your chama's financial health.

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